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Interviews are frequently conducted by panels of county employees, which frequently – but not always – include the hiring manager. Additional interviews may be scheduled at the department's discretion.

Note: Not all job seekers will be granted an interview. The selection of who will be interviewed is at the discretion of the hiring manager or his/her designee.

After conducting the interviews, the hiring department will make a selection and the Human Resources Department will make a tentative job offer to the person or persons selected. Once the tentative job offer is accepted, the hiring process begins.  

Interview Basics

Before an Interview

  • Have a clear understanding of the job position. Review the job posting for qualifications, duties and responsibilities.
  • Look for information about the departments. Department information can be found here. Know the product and/or services
  • Practice responses to ordinary questions to be confident with them.
  • Make copies of your resume and make a list of questions to ask the interviewer.
  • Analyze your work experience, education and training as they relate to the position
  • Make a list of employment history with details such as names, addresses, and dates for each job.
  • Perform a mock interview with a close friend.
  • Have a clear expectation about your salary. Should not exceed any advertised salary range.
  • Select appropriate attire and accessories – dress for success.
During an Interview

  • Be at least 15 minutes early.
  • Check in with the receptionist and let him or her know that you have arrived and have an appointment.
  • Prove to be very polite.
  • Be friendly with the interviewer.
  • Consider nonverbal communication such as: sit up straight, make good eye contact and avoid nervous mannerisms.
  • Speak clearly and forcefully and try being a good listener.
  • Be specific, concrete and detailed about your answers.
  • Offer examples of your work and references to demonstrate your qualities, knowledge and abilities.
  • Answer the questions as honestly as you can, and try not to say more than is necessary.

Closing an Interview

  • Do not express discouragement if no definite offer or no specific salary is given.
  • Keep calm if you get the impression that it is not going well.
  • Thank the interviewer for his or her time.
  • Before finishing the interview, express interest in the job position once again.

After an Interview

  • Take notes about things that can improve other interviews.
  • Write a thank-you letter to the interviewer for expressing interest.

20 Tips to Nail Your Interview

1. Personal appearance – professional dress and grooming

  • Usually the best bet is to wear a business suit, but this is not a rule. Depending on the company you are applying to, you can choose another type of professional clothing. Take special care of your personal appearance; remember, the first impression is important.

2. Don’t say too much or too little

  • During a job interview, try to answer with the necessary words, go to the point, also avoid using yes/no answers. Listen carefully to the interviewer, and if you have doubts about the question then ask – remember, everything you say will be taken into account.

3. Don’t use too much "I"

  • Some people love saying I did this, I did that, and leave no room for co-work. Take into account that most jobs need people who are able to work in groups, to cooperate and meet the objectives. Of course, you can brag a little about your accomplishments.

4. Don’t show up unprepared

  • Before the interview, take time to analyze your skills, strengths, the company, what you want, and what you expect. 

5. Don’t be disrespectful

  • Nobody will hire a disrespectful job seekers. Think before you speak and never be disrespectful with your interviewers, even if you don't agree with them.

6. Don’t be late – be 15 minutes early

  • Take precautions to avoid being late. Choose your clothing the night before. If you can, go to the location where the interview is going to be performed – that way, you will know the address and the traffic patterns. If something unexpected happens like an emergency, call ahead.

7. Don’t Chew Gum

  • Never chew gum during your interview; it can be considered a disrespectful act. If you are chewing gum, make sure you dispose of it before your interview begins.

8. Don’t criticize past employers

  • Never criticize your last employer(s). The interviewer may call them to be sure about your references.

9. Don’t lack vitality

  • Be sure that you sleep properly the night before your interview; being tired, sleepy or sick can affect your qualification during the interview. If you are in this situation, always try to show the best of you.

10. Don’t be desperate for the job

  • Even if you are, do not let the interviewer know that you are desperate for the job. You need to show yourself as somebody who can solve problems and who can be useful for the company – not like someone who needs money.

11. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the job

  • Asking job-related questions will show your interest for the job and the company. Of course, wait for the correct moment to do it. Usually during the interview you will have time to ask your questions.

12. Don’t sound money-minded

  • Money is very important, but do not talk about the salary before they offer you the job. Let the interviewer begin with this discussion.

13. Don’t act like the job is yours

  • All the phases of the interview are important, and you should do your best on each one of them. Avoid feeling like the job is yours – usually the competition is steep.

14. Maintain good eye contact with interviewer

  • During an interview, make sure you make eye contact with each interviewer. Look politely to their eyes while you answer questions.

15. Show why you are the best for the job

  • Before the interview, familiarize with the position you are interviewing for. That way, you can take a while to think about how your strengths and skills are perfect for the job. Some interviewers want to know why they should hire you, so let them know.

16. Don’t be too modest

  • Being modest is important, but not too modest. You can brag a bit about yourself – it shows confidence, and this is your time to shine and show all of your accomplishments.

17. Don’t talk too much

  • Interviews are a two-way conversation, so be careful to not talk too much. Listen carefully, think about what you are going to say and answer the questions properly, covering all the subjects it involves.

18. Send a thank-you note or email

  • It is a good idea to send a thank-you note or email to the interviewer or company after being interviewed, sometime within 24 hours after the interview.

19. Don’t get too familiarized with the interviewer

  • Remember to act friendly but not too familiarized with your interviewer during your interview. You can be a really outgoing person, but that doesn't mean everyone else is too.

20. Turn off devices

  • Remember to not text, call or answer phone calls during your interview. The best thing to do is turn off your cell phone.
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