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Q: Why does my job have a DBM rating?

A: The BCC has implemented a compensation system designed by Fox Lawson & Associates, the Decision Band Method. Each DBM rating functions as a salary grade with a minimum, midpoint and maximum for all jobs in the same DBM.

Q: How much pay increase will I get if I get promoted?

A: Generally, you would get 5 percent or to the minimum of your new range, whichever is greater.

Q: What is a position reallocation?

A: Position reallocation is the reassignment of a vacant position from one class to another class based upon significant changes in the duties and responsibilities.

Q: When can I request a reallocation?

A: A request can be made at any time, as long as the position is vacant that is being reallocated.

Q: What is a position reclassification?

A: Position reclassification is the reassignment of a position from one class to another class based upon significant changes in the duties and responsibilities of a position to such a degree that the job class is no longer represented by the current job. The incumbent is “reclassified” to the new DBM of the job class.

Q: When can I request a reclassification?

A: Current policy states reclassification requests much be done by the end of March to be effective  for the next fiscal year beginning in October 1.

Q: How do I create a new position?

A: Provide HR with suggested job duties and qualification requirements and the HR department will initiate a review and recommend an appropriate classification.

A reallocation will need to be done upon creating any new positions within the fiscal year.

Q: I need more positions within my department, what do I do?

A: Positions must be approved through the budget process. If there is a need for additional positions, the department must request during budget preparation for the following fiscal year. The board approves a set number of FTEs for each department. An increase cannot be made without board approval. 

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