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A scuba diver examines the Ocean Wind

Artificial reefs provide fishing and diving sites in the Gulf of Mexico waters off Escambia County and are constructed using durable materials such as concrete prefabricated reefs, prefabricated reef modules, bridge rubble and steel barges and vessels.

The attachments provide a list of the public artificial reefs constructed by Escambia County (some of Santa Rosa County's reefs are also included). The coordinates were verified on the date shown in the second column.

The Escambia County Marine Resources Division has improved the Public Artificial Reefs List in several ways to make them easier for fishermen, divers and the general public to access. The list now contains over 150 new coordinates of recently-deployed public artificial reefs.

The Public Artificial Reef List also includes a link to a .gpx file, which allows users to upload the artificial reefs into their on-board GPS navigational equipment. most newer GPS receivers include a mechanism for automatically uploading waypoints; see owner manual or contact manufacturer for instructions. The artificial reef coordinates are also provided in .kml format, allowing users to view Escambia County's public artificial reefs on the Google Earth platform.

Escambia County Marine Resources Division strives to provide accurate artificial reef locations and information. However, some artificial reefs were deployed more than 40 years ago. Some of these reefs have subsided into the seafloor, and are periodically covered and uncovered by sand. Please send an email to if you have any questions, comments or trouble finding an artificial reef. 

Remember, the public artificial reefs were deployed for everyone to share - fishermen and divers alike. Please be courteous and practice good seamanship.

Escambia County Maps

Escambia County Artificial Reefs to view our interactive web map. This map is updated regularly as new reefs are deployed (typically throughout the summer and early fall months) each year. If you have any questions regarding our Artificial Reef Program, please contact Robert Turpin (Marine Resources Division Manager); any questions regarding the map or files, please contact Kindall Butler (Environmental Specialist and map creator).

Phase 2 reefing in Escambia South-East Reef site
July 16,  2018 Reef Deployment by Skanska
Artificial Reef Survey

Researchers from the University of West Florida, Eckerd College, and Appalachian State University are conducting a study on divers’ preferences for diving on the Florida Panhandle's artificial and natural reef system for artificial reef decision makers.  Uses of the information include evaluation of the attributes of different artificial reefs and the potential management of future sinkings. Divers are asked to take this brief survey

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