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Establishment and Duties

The Extension Council was established in accordance with Chapter 67-1366, Section I-8 Florida Statutes. The purpose of this Council is to study the needs of the County in developing its natural resources, its families and youth; to provide for the organization of planning committees in various agricultural commodities, in youth and in all phases of home economics important to Escambia County; to provide for close liaison between the committees, county extension agents and the council; to coordinate the reports of all committees into a single Escambia County resource development program designed to develop the County’s resources and its people through programs for which the cooperative extension service has a responsibility for initiating or coordinating; to coordinate, as far as practical, the work of all agricultural agencies active in the county to the end that duplication of effort, waste of time and means will be eliminated as far as possible and so that no activity will be destructive to the general economy of the county; and, to carefully study the financial needs of the agricultural, home economics and youth programs of the county and to prepare and submit to the county commissioners for its approval each year a proposed budget covering these needs with a full explanation for the necessity of each major item composing the budget.

Eligibility Criteria and Composition

The Council shall consist of an odd number of members, men and women, and be not less than 13, or no more than 21. The members shall be appointed by the Board of County Commissioners subject to approval of the Florida Extension Service Director. At least one member of the Board of County Commissioners shall be a member of the Council. The Council members shall elect, from among the members, a chairman and vice-chairman.


Members shall serve two-year terms.


  • Linda Crews,  Zone 1
    Term of Office: 12/01/23 – 11/30/25

  • Jerry Sheppard,  Zone 2
    Term of Office: 07/08/23 – 11/30/25

  • Justin Purvis, Zone 3
    Term of Office: 12/01/23- 11/30/25

  • Zone 4: Vacant

  • Zone 5: Vacant

  • Scott Dean,  Zone 6
    Term of Office: 12/1/23 - 11/30/24

  • Zone 7: Vacant

  • Zone 8: Vacant

  • Carol Tanksley, Zone 9
    Term of Office: 12/01/23 – 11/30/25

  • Josh Neese, Zone 10
    Term of Office: 
    12/01/22 – 11/30/24

  • James Hallman, Zone 11
    Term of Office: 12/01/23 – 11/30/25

  • Mark A. Long, Zone 12
    Term of Office: 
    12/01/23 – 11/30/25

  • Steven Barry, Escambia County Commissioner, District 5: 2022


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