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Establishment and Duties

This Board was originally created by the Board of County Commissioners through adoption of Escambia County Ordinance No. 77-21. Subsequent Escambia County Ordinances were repealed and replaced to allow continued performance of duties by the Board, the latest being Ordinance 2017-63, as adopted by the Board on November 30, 2017. The duties of the Board shall be to accept applications for and oversee examinations for licensure as a contractor; determine through review of supporting data, the qualifications of applicants for licensure and issue a certificate of competency as a contractor to those whom the board deems qualified in the appropriate trades; record certificates of competency and issue renewals annually to those who qualify in appropriate trades; make an annual report and provide any other information as required by F.S. Chapter 489 and subsequent amendments thereto; cause to be investigated any complaint which is filed before it if the complaint is in writing, signed by the complainant, and establishes probable cause to believe a violation of the article has occurred; and investigate violations of this article, or of F.S. ch. 489 and those construction codes adopted by the County, upon due cause shown to the contractor competency board and to take appropriate action pursuant to this article. 

Eligibility Criteria and Composition

Through Ordinance 2003-37, members of the Board of Plumbing Examiners and the Board of Gas Examiners were incorporated into the membership of the Competency Board. Subsequently, Ordinance 2017-63, altered the Board Member makeup as follows: at least one division one contractor (general contractor, building contractor, or residential contractor), at least one division two contractor (roofing contractor, air-conditioning contractor, mechanical contractor, swimming pool/spa contractor, or master plumber), an architect or engineer, at least one business person whenever practical, and three lay consumer members. Such lay consumer members shall not at the time of appointment be, and shall have never previously been, a member or practitioner of a profession regulated by the board or a member of any closely related profession. The county attorney shall be advisor to the contractor competency board. The building official or his designee shall be the ex officio secretary to the contractor competency board. As used herein, the term "member of any closely related profession" includes but is not limited to carpenters, painters, certified building inspectors, commercial construction supervisors, interior designers/decorators, fencers, landscapers, building material suppliers, and construction quality managers.


Term of office shall be three years. Terms of members shall be staggered so that terms of some members shall expire each year. Members whose terms have expired may be reappointed to additional terms at the discretion of the Board of County Commissioners. Vacancies shall be filled by appointment by the Board of County Commissioners for any unexpired term. Members whose terms have expired shall serve until a reappointment is made. Any member may be removed from office for any reason by majority vote of the BCC.

Meeting Schedule and Frequency

Meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month unless a special meeting is requested by the Board. Members shall receive $50 per meeting as compensation for their services. 


  • Erwin D. Waters, General Contractor
    Term of Office: 5/1/19 - 4/30/25

  • J. Alton Lister, Building Contractor
    Term of Office: 5/1/22 - 4/30/25

  • Michael E. Batchelor, State Certified Roofing Contractor
    Term of Office: 1/07/97 - 4/30/25

  • Vacant, Lay Person

  • Brian P. Bell, Sr., Lay Person
    Term of Office: 7/1/14 - 09/30/24

  • John R. Oglesby, Architect/Engineer
    Term of Office: 10/1/18 - 9/30/24

  • Mary Jordan, Lay Person
    Term of Office: 11/1/22 – 9/30/2024

  • Naresh “Nash” Patel, Business Person
    Term of Office: 12/1/22 – 4/30/2025

  • Vacant, Division II Contractor


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