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The installation of regulatory signs throughout Escambia County is handled through the Transportation and Traffic Operations Division. Studies are performed to justify the installation of new regulatory signs according to the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices. All signals in the county (including those located on the state system) are also maintained by this division.

In addition, Transportation and Traffic maintains the following:

  • 180 actuated signals
  • 77 school beacons
  • 42 intersection beacons
  • 10 emergency flashing beacons
  • 14 radar speed limit signs

Advanced Traffic Management System

The ATMS transportation field is a primary operational network component within the Intelligent Transportation System domain. The ATMS network as a whole culminates to allow a management perspective that integrates technology primarily to improve the flow of vehicle traffic and improve safety. Real-time traffic data from traffic signal controllers, CCTV cameras and speed sensors flow through a variety of communication means into a Transportation Management Center where it is integrated and processed for incident detection and overall traffic management. The data collection may result in actions taken, such as traffic signal timing changes, traffic routing, and digital message sign messages being posted, all with the goal of improving traffic flow.

The data collected through the various components of the regional ATMS network is analyzed in an effort to improve public safety and mitigate corridor congestion. Being that the network is regional, the network has the ability to offer a “hand-off” of vehicular traffic progression from one municipal jurisdiction to another. The benefit of enhanced emergency evacuation procedures and special event coordination is also a major operational factor of this regional ATMS. Through collaboration efforts such as the Escambia/Santa Rosa regional ATMS, the state and local government is striving to improve the transportation network of the region for the citizens and visitors. The motoring public also must be included in regional ATMS network resources, as every driver's daily commute may encounter issues that, when reported to the maintaining agency, go toward efforts that continually improve the overall system health and operation.

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