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Innerarity Island Water and Sewer Upgrade Project

The Florida legislature has appropriated Escambia County as the receiver of the abandoned Innerarity Island water and sewer utilities. The utilities were in need of significant upgrades.

Escambia County entered into an inter-local agreement with ECUA to oversee and manage the upgrades to the water system. ECUA accepted the water system for operation and maintenance on March 1, 2018.  The water system design and construction is funded by a $1M FDEP grant. In July 2017, the FDEP awarded an additional $500,000 to the grant.

In regard to the sewer system, Escambia County has entered into an inter-local with ECUA to oversee and manage the sewer system upgrades. The FDEP grant is funding the Design and Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI).  A Municipal Services Benefits Unit (MSBU) Ordinance for funding the sewer system construction was approved in 2017.

    Water:  Yes     
    Sewer: Yes
Funding Sources:
    Water: State Grant 
    Sewer (Design and CEI Phase): State Grant
    Sewer (Construction): MSBU
Project Status:
    Water: Complete
    Sewer: Pre-Construction

  • Water System Construction Complete
  • The water system portion of this project was funded by grant funds from the Department of Environmental Protection Division of Water Restoration Assistance in 2015 and 2016.

Updated: 9/18/2019

Last Updated: 09/24/2019

Project Manager:
Jim Hagon

Office Phone:
Water - Ken Horne & Associates; Sewer - Ken Horne & Associates
Water: Southern Utility Inc.; Sewer: Talcon Group, LLC
District #:
District 2
CRA District:
Safe Neighborhood District:
Funding Sources:
Sponsoring Division:
Public Works - Traffic
Project Status:
Grants Management

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