Public Works

Mission Statement

The mission of the Public Works Department is to provide efficient, responsive services that enhance the quality of life, meet common needs, and promote a safe and healthy community. The department is charged with the conservation and preservation of Escambia County’s infrastructure and ensures that all public improvements are designed and built in accordance with county standards and accepted engineering and construction practices. The department administers all capital improvement projects for paving, drainage and utilities, including all design, right of way, contracting and final acceptance of projects. Its divisions include Engineering Construction Management, Roads, Fleet Maintenance and Transportation & Traffic.

FY 2016-2017 Accomplishments

  • Continued to manage a multi-million dollar budget efficiently; minimizing cost overages and meeting project deadlines.
  • Processed over 1,550 invoices.
  • Prepared and submitted approximately 230 board recommendations, including project award for capital improvements, contract management and real estate acquisition.
  • Continued efficient budget/project management with $28 million awarded in construction projects and over $3 million in design.
Via De Luna Improvements at Pensacola Beach


Invoices processed


Board recommendations prepared and submitted


Dollars of construction projects awarded