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Mission Statement

The Escambia County Division of Engineering and Construction manages and provides oversight on real estate acquisitions, the county’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System MS-4 permit, contract design and construction of local option sales tax-funded infrastructure projects, which include bridges, new roadways, roadway resurfacing, dirt road paving, lane widening, stormwater facilities, civil site work on public property and the construction of grants and other agency-funded projects. The division also manages contracted survey, design and construction services for infrastructure projects funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Natural Resource Conservation Service, Federal Highway Association, Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, RESTORE and other state and federal agencies.

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FY 2016-2017 Accomplishments

  • Construction contracts awarded for 65 projects totaling over $28 million.
  • Design contracts awarded for 26 projects totaling over $3 million.
  • Resurfacing miles completed: 10.3 miles
  • Dirt road paving miles completed: 4.73 miles
  • Real estate processed and successfully presented to the BCC: 81 recommendations for consideration. This included 28 for easement, deeds, restrictive covenants, stormwater MSBU, encroachment agreements and subdivision improvements for acceptance, 16 acquisitions, six authorizations for acquisition, nine agency conveyances, one conservation easement release, seven schedules for public hearings, 13 public hearings for vacations, and one lease agreement termination.
  • Significant projects completed this year include:  Almax Court and North 52nd, Ashton Brosnaham Soccer Field, Buddy’s Lane, Calvin & Ronda, Casino Beach Parking Lot Modifications, Channing Place, Civitan Park Walking Track, CR 99 and CR196 Bridge Approach Rehabilitation, CR399 Pensacola Beach Traffic Calming, CR 99 Barrineau Park Road to CR 97A, CR 297A at Pine Cone Traffic Signal, Crescent Lake Outfalls, Doug Ford Drive Turn Lane, East Johnson Avenue Stormwater Repair, East Shore Drainage Outfall, EOC Above Ground Storage Tank, Figland Avenue Drainage, Gatewood Ditch, Green Hills Road Repair, Hamilton Crossing, Hicks Street DRP and Drainage, Highway 97-Phase 1, Idlewood at Railroad Tracks, Meadowbrook Burningtree Bridge Repair, Midas Muldoon Pond Expansion, Montclair Group Resurfacing, Montclair Sidewalks Phase 1 Harve Way, Northpointe Circle, Ora Drive Bridge, Palafox Sidewalks (Caro to Hood Drive), Pine Forest at West Roberts Turn Lane, Ponderosa Pond Expansion, Prieto Drive Sidewalks, Quintette Road Bridge Scour CR184, Smith’s Fish Camp Road, SW Sports Complex Restroom Facility, and Merlin Phase 1 and 2.
  • Significant Projects to be completed next year include:  Bristol Park estimated at $6.2 million, Lake Charlene estimated at $2 million, OLFX Phase 1 estimated at $5.3 million, Delano estimated at $7.55 million, OLF Phase 2 estimated at $5.6 million, Beach Access estimated at $1.9 million, Beach Congestion Management Plan Phase 2 Parking Lots estimated at $1.2 million, Beach Congestion Management Plan Phase 3 Round-a-Bouts estimated at $1.1 million, and Ferry Landing estimated at $1.8 million.
Gatewood Ditch NRCS project


Dollars awarded for construction contracts for 65 infrastructure projects


Dollars awarded for more than 26 design contracts


Resurfacing miles completed