Signal Installation

Mission Statement

The Transportation and Traffic Operations Division includes four technical sections: Transportation, Traffic Operations, Design, and Survey. The Transportation Section coordinates the programming of many transportation-related roadway improvements such as new road construction, shoulder widening, sidewalks, bike lanes, capacity enhancements, traffic calming devices, roadway striping and re-striping, and ADA enhancements. The Traffic Operations Section provides the management, installation and maintenance of all signals and traffic control devices, performs traffic studies and analyses, and implemented a new Intelligent Transportation System. The Design Section essentially functions as an in-house design team to handle all design aspects of projects funded through the local option sales tax. The design team provides engineering services to all departments within the county. The Survey Section provides surveying services to internal clients and reviews externally completed surveys and subdivision plats for compliance with all applicable laws. TTO also provided oversight for the county’s Mass Transit System until the current fiscal year, when the department was brought in-house.  

FY 2016-2017 Accomplishments

  • Continues to upgrade the county’s signalization system through ongoing implementation of Intelligent Transportation System and Advanced Traffic Management System concepts and designs, for example, in the process of converting several signalized intersections with ATMS functionalities.
  • Staff installed USB chargers in 15 existing ECAT shelters in the county and city rights of way. Staff also continued to work on retro-fitting older shelters with solar light kits for illumination and safety purposes.
  • Completed 15 design projects and evaluated the feasibility of 10 other projects. Design projects included an international soccer field at Ashton Brosnaham Park, the realignment of County Road 95A, several miles of walking paths and sidewalks, and the rehabilitation of roads, ditches and stormwater ponds to assist with local flooding issues. The team continues to coordinate with ECUA to reduce the number of private sanitary sewer lift stations left to residents to operate and maintain. The team is also managing a $1 million FDEP grant to upgrade an abandoned water and sewer system. An additional $500,000 grant was awarded in July 2017 for a grand total of $1.5 million. These efforts have allowed the county to put additional money toward construction rather than utilizing contracted design and general engineering services. 
  • Completed 123 surveys for various county departments. These projects consisted of boundary, topographic and bathymetric surveys; right of way and boundary staking, legal descriptions and sketches for real estate acquisition, maintenance claim maps, and preliminary and final subdivision plat review.
  • Funded the design of six miles of sidewalks and constructed two miles of sidewalks throughout the county.
  • Budgeted $400,000 for traffic calming and neighborhood enhancement projects which also included ADA upgrades, curb cut ramps, bus benches, and radar speed signs. These projects included the installation of traffic calming devices like speed bumps, roadway signage and pavement markings.
  • Assisted with the evaluation of 174 pre-applications, 158 initial applications and 128 final applications.
  • Secured millions in federal and state grant dollars to offset the burden on the local tax base for many projects and programs. Some of those secured funds included Federal Local Agency Program, Federal Transit Agency grants, County Incentive Program grants and Economic Development Trust Fund grants.
  • Funded a new traffic signal bucket truck to be used solely by TTO staff for repair and maintenance items for the signalized intersections throughout the unincorporated county jurisdiction. The bucket truck will serve as a cost-savings measure to the county taxpayers, as staff will be able to address certain repair and maintenance items for the traffic signals rather than having to rely on outside contractors to address. 
Untreiner Sidewalk Project Before
Untreiner Sidewalk Project After


Applications for development reviewed


Surveys completed 


Dollars budgeted for traffic calming, ADA and neighborhood enhancement projects