Escambia Cares 2017
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Mission Statement

The mission of the Neighborhood & Human Services Department is to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Escambia County. The department achieves this through a variety of community-based programs and initiatives that provide efficient and effective services that improve the quality of life for the citizens of Escambia County.

The department oversees the Escambia County Community Redevelopment Agency, the Safe Neighborhood Program, Neighborhood Enterprise Division, various community centers and community resource centers, and the Indigent Burial Program, the Job Readiness Program, as well as afterschool programs and summer camps


Escambia Cares for its Citizens

The Neighborhood & Human Services Department hosted the Third Annual Escambia Cares Community Resource Expo Saturday, Sept. 24, 2017. The community resource expo was created as a mechanism to facilitate citizen access to local services provided by community partner organizations in Escambia County.  The theme was hurricane preparedness.

The expo served as a “one-stop shop” for citizens by providing information in one location about resources and tools that are available to them. Community outreach and community partnering improves citizen access to local resources that are free or low-cost to citizens. This year’s event was held at the newly-opened Brownsville Community Resource Center. Over 60 community partners attended, offering valuable resources and services to citizens including employment opportunities, health care services, educational opportunities, affordable housing and much more. Over 300 citizens attended the event.


Meals served to youth at summer feeding sites


Tons of bulky and yard waste collected during neighborhood cleanup events


Residents became homeowners through county administered home buyer programs