CRA Staff at Celebrating Brownsville

Celebrating Brownsville Art

Oakfield Redevelopment Plan Public Meeting

Mission Statement

The Community Redevelopment Agency seeks to revitalize and enhance the quality of life within the CRA areas by encouraging private sector reinvestment, promoting economic development, and providing public sector enhancements. This includes initiatives that promote revitalization for the residential, commercial, and industrial zones within the designated CRA areas.

FY 2016-2017 Accomplishments

  • Awarded 105 grants, expending $377,726 toward Residential Rehab, Commercial Façade and Sign, Tree Trimming and Painting Programs in the Barrancas, Cantonment, Brownsville, Englewood, Ensley, Palafox and Warrington areas.
  • Spent over $62,137 for repair and maintenance in six CRA areas. Funds were used for streetscaping beautification, mowing and cleaning vacant lots and medians, park amenities and other projects.
  • Provided $77,967 for the summer CRA Workers Program for rights of way maintenance in the Brownsville, Englewood and Palafox Redevelopment Areas.
  • Three redevelopment plans were written and Tax Increment Finance Ordinances were established for the newly-designated areas of Ensley, Atwood and Oakfield CRAs. 
  • Provided 37 demolitions and lot abatement projects to clean up blighted lots using TIF and Safe Neighborhood funds, expending over $104,833.
  • Five capital improvement projects were completed and/or are in progress, using CRA Tax Increment Finance, Community Development Block Grant, FDOT and LOST funds totaling $170,188. 
    • Brownsville Gateway Entrance Sign: $21,775
    • Chief’s Way LED Streetlighting Project: $50,600
    • Lexington Terrance Fitness Equipment: $36,161
    • Montclair Sidewalk Project: $24,813
    • Massachusetts Sidewalk Project: Total Project Cost $300,000; $6,010 for FY 2016/17
  • Conducted 10 CRA and Safe Neighborhood cleanups, removing 529 tons of bulk and yard waste and 45 tons of tires, for a total of 1,058,401 pounds. These cleanup efforts were conducted by partnering with Code Enforcement, the Road Department and Animal Services. The total expended was $29,713 using TIF and Safe Neighborhood funds.
  • An additional 1,401 LED roadway streetlights were installed throughout the Myrtle Grove Safe Neighborhood, Atwood CRA/Safe Neighborhood, Ensley CRA/Safe Neighborhood and the Warrington CRA District to help eliminate crime and increase driver and pedestrian safety. Together, CRA and Safe Neighborhood funds support over 5,100 roadway lights. The total amount expended this year was $843,550 using TIF, SN and CDBG funding.
  • Two special outreach projects were conducted to provide resources and awareness to the communities:
    • The 4th Annual Celebrating Brownsville Festival, which was a community outreach event that included entertainment, arts/culture, Brownsville mural contest and other community vendors.
    • Escambia Cares Resource Expo, which was a community outreach event that provided public information of resources available through the county and other local agencies.


    Projects in Progress:

    • Old Corry Field Road Sidewalk and Drainage Project: Total Project Cost $1.66 million, $30,829 expended during FY 2016-17
    • Barrancas Landscape and Beautification Project: Total Construction Project Cost: $250,000, Total Design Cost: $44,788; FY2017 expended $4,132.
    • Beach Haven Sidewalk Project with Sewer and Drainage Phase 1: Total Project Cost-$104 million, with CRA Warrington TIF funding providing $109,325
    • In fiscal year 2018, an additional 517 LED Streetlight Projects will be installed funded through the CRA’s Safe Neighborhood Program totaling $348,665 for the following areas:
      • Wedgewood & Rolling Hills: 268 Lights = $175,764
      • Lincoln Park & Detroit Rd: 33 Lights = $19,843
      • Avondale: 18 Lights = $13,212
      • Carriage Hill: 34 Lights = $41,784
      • Cantonment: 164 Lights = $98,062


Grants awarded


Over $1 Million dollars spent for improvements in six CRA areas


Street lights funded by CRA and Safe Neighborhoods