The five-member board is the governing body of Escambia County. Commissioners are elected to four-year terms by voters within their respective districts. Their responsibilities as established under Section 125 of the Florida Statutes include the adoption and ratifying of ordinances and resolutions, setting and authorizing the levy and collection of county-wide property taxes, setting policy for county services, and adopting and adjusting the annual county budget.

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The 2017-18 Board of County Commissioners included Grover Robinson serving as District 4 Commissioner. After serving on the board for 12 years, Robinson chose to run and was elected as the city of Pensacola Mayor. While on the commission, he was instrumental in preserving Escambia County's heritage, moving the county forward after the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, recovering after many devastating storms, advocating on the state and national level for our residents, and improving the quality of life through improved parks, drainage, sidewalks, and roadways. 

Former Commissioner Robinson with his wife, aide Becky Azelton and her husband

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