Certified Public Manager Graduation at FSU

By the Numbers

Number of Valid Emails Received    6.2 million
Number of Emails Blocked   112 million
Number of Internal Emails  112,000
Percentage of Daily Help Desk Calls Completed      70%
Average Number of Users per IT Service Staff  1:250
Average Monthly Visits to MyEscambia.com  110,000

IT Help Desk Staff

Mission Statement

The Information Technology Department provides technology-related services to the Escambia County Board of County Commissioners, Tax Collector, Property Appraiser, Supervisor of Elections, Clerk of Court, State Attorney, Public Defender, and Court Administration. The services provided for the constitutional offices vary based on agreements from basic services like internet and phone service to partnerships to host virtual servers on the BCC IT infrastructure. Additionally, IT services the technology needs of over 1,700 BCC personnel. This includes everything from basic application, computer and print needs to more advanced network, server/storage and core business application needs.

FY 2016-2017 Accomplishments

  • The Ask MyEscambia mobile app and website was launched, making it easier for residents to connect with county services 24/7.
  • The West Florida Public Libraries' new website was launched, creating an easier to navigate, mobile-responsive site for residents.
  • All of the library locations were put on Southern Light fiber, helping to provide better internet services to patrons. Additionally, web filtering was put in place to protect patrons from negative websites, and the Federal E-Rate program was leveraged to provide better internet and data services to patrons at a fraction of the cost.
  • Firewall upgrades that provide better management of traffic and web filtering have been put in place for the BCC and constitutional officers.
  • The migration to Microsoft Exchange Online as one part of the Office 365 suite was completed for the Clerk of Court, Supervisor of Elections, Tax Collector, and the BCC. This will provide security and business continuity in the event of a disaster.
  • A new help desk system was implemented. It will become the core business system for the department.
  • New server infrastructure was installed. Once it is fully implemented, it will provide better performance while requiring less cooling and power.
  • The VoIP phone system was extended to Public Safety.
  • Many community centers began receiving internet service, which will continue to expand in fiscal year 2017/18.
  • Four personnel from the BCC IT department graduated from the Certified Public Manager Course, which is a professional course provided by the Florida State University Askew School of Public Administration and Policy.
  • Mini computers were issued to Mosquito Control so they can perform their duties more efficiently and provide great service to the citizens of Escambia County.
  • A fiber data line was put in place between the Roads and Bridges administration building and Mosquito Control so that Mosquito Control personnel would have a more robust connection to the BCC IT services. This connection was previously serviced by a slow point-to-point wireless connection.

IT Staff Volunteering for Day of Caring


Million emails blocked for safety


Percent of department staff with 5+ years with the county 


Average number of PCs to one IT service desk staff