Gulf Beach Highway Construction

Mission Statement

The Escambia County Division of Engineering and Construction manages and provides oversight on real estate acquisitions, the county’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System MS-4 permit, contract design and construction of all road and drainage capital improvement projects, which include bridges, new roadways, roadway resurfacing, dirt road paving, lane widening, stormwater facilities, civil site work on public property and the construction of grants and other agency-funded projects including those funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Natural Resource Conservation Service, Federal Highway Association, Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, and the county's Local Option Sales Tax.

FY 2015-2016 Accomplishments

  • Design contracts were awarded for 44 infrastructure projects for approximately $4.8 million.
  • Construction contracts were awarded for more than 95 FEMA, NRCS, FHWA, and LOST projects for approximately $28.2 million.
  • Resurfacing miles completed: 11.7 miles
  • Dirt Road Paving miles completed: 4.94 miles
  • Significant projects completed this year include: 3rd & Winthrop Avenue, Alysheba Circle, Bell Ridge Pond, Bellview Zone Pond, Bridgedale Road, Caro Paving Phase 1, Chimney Pines Flood Repair, Choctaw Avenue Drainage Improvement, Colonade Circle & Devonshire Circle, CR 97 – Jack’s Branch Road, Crescent Lake Dam Restoration, Crowne Pointe Road Reconstruction, Cypress Point & Glyn Broc Gully, Gatewood Ditch, Gonzalez Zone Ponds, Grand lagoon Phase 1, Guidy Lane Bridge, Jackson Lakes Box Culvert, Mackey Bluffs, Marcus Point Pond, Meadowbrook, Montclair Phase 1 Resurfacing, Myrtle Grove Sidewalks, Olive Road Gully, Prieto Road Repair, Redwood Circle Culvert, Southbay, Stillbrook Bridge Repair, Swamphouse, Tecumseh/Clear Creek Farms, Ten Mile Creek East, Walnut Hill Community, Woodbridge/Motley Group Resurfacing
  • Met all assigned NRCS and FEMA completion deadlines this year
  • Real Estate processed and successfully presented to the BOCC for approval: 45 easement/right-of-ways, 14 acquisitions, four agency agreements, four agency conveyances, and five vacations


Dollars awarded for design contracts for 44 infrastructure projects


Dollars awarded for more than 95 construction contracts


Resurfacing miles completed