Information Technology Staff at Work

Mission Statement

The Escambia County Information Technology Department provides an efficient and well-coordinated computing environment through integrated business systems, wired, wireless, local and wide-area networks and manages servers and storage systems and personal computer systems.

FY 2015-2016 Accomplishments

  • Put in place a new backup system
  • Expanded wireless foot print
  • Upgraded secondary name server
  • Upgraded internet load balancers
  • Ran private fiber between Mosquito Control and Road Operations administration
  • Upgraded to fiber connections for 35 sites
  • Migrated Accela to the hosted solution from on premise
  • Implemented VoIP at Waste Services and Corrections
  • Implemented time served website for judges and lawyers
  • Consistently upgrading existing software solutions to provide additional features and functionality – EMS business system upgrade
  • Upgraded internet web filter
  • Performed Microsoft true-up to ensure compliance
  • Migrated to a more robust software/hardware inventory and imaging system
  • Brought Fire Services onto Automated Vehicle Location services like EMS so that 911 dispatch can track vehicles to provide better service
  • Brought the new website online
  • Added connectivity and computers at community centers and Lake Stone campgrounds
  • Worked with Transcore to provide the servers and connectivity for the new SunPass® system on the Bob Sikes Bridge to Pensacola Beach.
  • Started providing connectivity and support services to Pensacola Beach Public Works and Public Safety
  • Hired five new help desk team members
  • Audited AT&T bills to lower costs by migrating existing phone lines to ones that cost 80 percent less
  • Increased the bandwidth on the internet connection from 100 mbps to 500 mbps
  • Increased security camera coverage and visibility throughout the county
  • Upgrade to fiber at all but two library locations to provide better internet service for patrons (remaining two library locations to come online fiscal year 16-17)
  • Added mobile internet and Wi-Fi in the West Florida Public Libraries Bookmobile
  • Implemented lab management software for water quality testing
  • Implemented new jail management system for the Road Prison to align the system with the jail
  • Worked with Natural Resources to implement an environmental monitoring system on top of the Central Office Complex


Sites upgraded to fiber internet connections


Percent cost reduction by migrating to new phone lines


Upgraded internet connection from 100 megabit to 500 megabit