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Notice to Applicants of the Wheelchair Ramp Partnership Pilot Program

This program is provided to income eligible Escambia County residents as a partnership between Escambia County and volunteer agencies such as the Council on Aging of West Florida, Pensacola Civitan Club, Pensacola Habitat for Humanity, and Ray of Hope of Northwest Florida. Escambia County is providing grant funds for ramp materials and staffing to verify income eligibility of applicants while the partner agency will provide volunteers to construct a new or repair an existing ramp.

Please read over the following Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I apply for the Program?

You may call the Escambia County Neighborhood Enterprise Division at 850-595-1642 or directly call one of the volunteer agencies to get on their list (they will provide a referral to the County).

2. Why is the County asking for personal information about my income and assets?

The funding being used to pay for the materials comes from a grant which requires documentation of income eligibility. You must provide information on the income and assets of all household members in order to be eligible for this funding.

3. What if my landlord will not sign off for me to get a ramp?

If you rent, your landlord will need to provide permission for this program to provide a ramp. If your landlord is unwilling to provide permission, you may want to ask your landlord if s/he is willing to provide a wheelchair ramp as a reasonable accommodation for your needs. You may also want to contact the Center for Independent Living or legal aid for advocacy on your behalf.

4. As a landlord, can the County provide me with detailed specifications as to what will be built, provide a special “removable” ramp, or use some upgraded materials (TREX decking, etc)?

The County is not overseeing the actual construction, only client eligibility, so the County will not have plans. The agency building the ramp also probably will not have plans at the time someone is making application as the agency may not have inspected the property yet. While your request(s) will be taken into consideration, please keep in mind that this service is being provided free of cost to you and your tenant. Special design or material requests may not be able to be accommodated.

5. What will happen after I am approved for assistance?

The volunteer agency will contact the applicant directly to come to your property to measure for your materials.

6. How soon will the ramp be constructed?

That will depend on the number of applicants that have been approved before you, the number of volunteers available with each agency, and weather conditions. Additionally, most of the volunteer agencies do not perform ramp builds during the hottest summer months. You will be contacted by the agency after approval with a construction date. We understand that applicants have an urgent need in many cases. This program is specifically for applicants that do not have resources to construct a ramp. Every effort is made to put applicants on the schedule on a first qualified, first served basis.

7. Can the agency perform other repairs on the property?

The program is limited to new construction or repair of wheelchair ramps. However, some minor associated repairs may be approved if it is necessary to complete the ramp and ensure that a ramp is safely attached to the home (repair/replacement of porch decking attached to the ramp, repair/replacement of rotten threshold, etc).

8. Will all materials be new?

Any materials purchased by the program will be new. In some instances, volunteers may be able to re-use existing posts or other existing materials during the construction if they are still in useable condition. This saves on costs as well as volunteer time.

9. Will there be a lien on my property?

This program is being provided as a grant, with no lien against the property and at no cost to the applicant.

Escambia County is grateful for volunteers that generously give their time and skills to help our citizens in need!
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