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Ensley Gateway Beautification Project

Ensley sign and gateway plazasA gateway beautification project is planned for the open parcel north of the intersection of N. Palafox Street and E. Johnson Avenue in the area that remained after the realignment of W. Detroit Boulevard and E. Johnson Avenue.

The proposed concept plan includes pedestrian walkways and seating walls that will provide a pleasant passive use park for neighborhood use and enjoyment. A plaza at the intersection is planned and it will provide access to the existing safe pedestrian crosswalks.

The site concept proposes landscaping with native trees and grasses along a bioswale/rain garden that will handle stormwater management in a low impact, natural, sustainable form.

A sidewalk along N. Palafox Street is proposed to connect the site to space for an ECAT transit stop.

Please help us participate in your community’s design process!

You are invited to view the preliminary design concepts for the Ensley Gateway Beautification Project, and provide your comments on the concepts with our project planners, engineers, and managers. We are excited to provide this new passive park for the enjoyment of the community and look forward to your participation in its future design.

It is difficult to hold public meetings face-to-face during the current COVID-19 pandemic, so we will be taking your comments via phone, email, and internet.

Please call the dedicated project line in the Atkins Pensacola office at 850-378-6961 or email and leave your questions and comments for the design team. Please leave a detailed voice mail and your phone number and we will be sure to contact you to answer your questions. Or, you can send comments by U.S. mail to Atkins, 2114 Airport Blvd., Suite 1450, Pensacola, Florida 32504.

Thank you.

Escambia County Redevelopment Agency
The Ensley Gateway Beautification Project design team have prepared preliminary concepts for a small park at the intersection of E. Johnson Ave. and N. Palafox St.  The park will be a pleasant space for the community, with shaded lawns and walking paths, seating areas, native landscaping and trees, and a transit stop that meets ADA accessibility standards.  Join with us in design discussions as we prepare final designs.
  • Lawn
  • Site location map
  • Circular central seating wall and Ensley gateway sign
  • Gateway Beautification Project Concept

Last Updated: 8/10/2020

Project Manager:
Maxwell Rogers

Office Phone:
Atkins North America, Inc.
District #:
District 3
CRA District:
Safe Neighborhood District:
Funding Sources:
Sponsoring Division:
Ensley Redevelopment District
Project Status:
Estimated Design Completion:
Dec 31, 2020
Estimated Construction Start:
Mar 1, 2021
Estimated Construction Completion:
Aug 31, 2021


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