Fire Truck in Distress

Mission Statement

Risk Management is responsible for protecting the county’s assets and preserving operational continuity from risks and safety hazards that may arise from activities/events that may affect the county. Our goal is to minimize compensable exposure through risk identification and analysis, risk avoidance, risk control and risk financing. 

Roadway Issue

FY 2016-2017 Accomplishments

  • Performed over 66 classroom hours in safety training including defensive driving, heat stress, work zone traffic safety, office safety/ergonomics and more. A total of 886 employees attended the classes.
  • Minimized lost time expenses by placing 70 injured employees in temporary duty positions. 
    Investigated 208 general liability claims and 142 accidents. 
  • Held four Incident Review Board meetings and reviewed nine incidents.  
  • Conducted eight fire drills. 
  • Inspected 113 county facilities and 75 parks. 
  • Performed nine pre-purchase inspections on property acquired by the county.  
  • Performed 24 indoor air quality tests. 
  • Reviewed 342 certificates of insurance and 101 agreements/contracts. 
  • Processed 103 general liability claims and 275 workers’ compensation claims. 
  • Recovered $94,815 in funds due to the county as a result of damage to property. 
  • Employee Hearing Conservation Program tested 247 employees. 
Log Jam


Participants in safety training courses


Dollars recovered 


Accidents and claims investigated