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Mission Statement

The Parks and Recreation Department strives to provide efficient, accessible and responsive services that enhance the quality of life, meet common and diverse needs, and promote safe and healthy recreation opportunities to a growing community.  

The Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for the maintenance and enhancement of boat ramps and regional, neighborhood and athletic parks. The Equestrian Center, Lake Stone Campground and the Pensacola Fishing Bridge are internally managed by the department, along with various adult athletic leagues at county-owned facilities. Youth athletics are coordinated by local organizations at county parks, with the department serving as a liaison to each organization. The department also partners with eight associations in the management of eight community centers that provide various activities. 

Little League Action Shot

Opening our Hearts and our Stalls

When Hurricane Irma greatly impacted most of Florida, the Escambia County Equestrian Center hosted 88 evacuating horses. Staff at the facility went to great lengths to provide care and comfort to the evacuees, as many had driven extremely long hours in traffic to get their animals to a safe location. Not only did staff receive great comments from evacuees on their efforts, attention to detail, and customer service, but the owners who had never been to the facility raved about its setup and surrounding areas. In addition, the community around the Equestrian Center, along with horse enthusiasts, reached out to provide care and comfort, demonstrating what the Escambia County community is all about. County residents, not just horse owners, stepped up in an unsolicited manner when fellow Floridians needed their help.

Horse and goat evacuees

Volunteers Help with Perdido Kids Park Renovations

FY 2016-2017 Accomplishments

  • 7,513 youth athletes competed in local sports leagues ranging from baseball, t-ball, softball, soccer, football, lacrosse and cheerleading in the 2016-2017 athletic seasons.
  • Major events were held at the Southwest Sports Complex, Ashton Brosnaham Soccer Complex and John R. Jones Park in various sports throughout the year. Teams from across the country came to Escambia County to compete in baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, and flag football, to name a few. These sports events created significant local economic impact within Escambia County.
  • 156 adult softball and soccer teams comprised of a total of 1,862 players which competed in local leagues conducted or managed by the Parks and Recreation Department. In addition, many weekend softball events were staged at the John R. Jones Park adult softball fields, and other sports at the Ashton Brosnaham Soccer Complex.
  • Under the management of the Parks and Recreation Department, the Davisville and Byrneville Community Centers combined for 95 rentals, which increased by 30 rentals from the previous year. In addition to the various rentals, dance camps and cheerleading camps were also held at these respective centers.
  • The Parks and Recreation Department provided assistance to the eight organizations responsible for the management of eight county owned community centers. The various community centers offered citizens a location for event space, community activities, entertainment, recreation activities and various education activities and programs for youth and adults.
  • The Escambia County Equestrian Center hosted 66 events, including 13 new events to the facility, which generated nearly 18 million dollars of local economic impact.
  • Events at the Equestrian Center comprised of horse shows and clinics, rodeos, dog shows, musical events, 5-k runs, go-cart/motorcycle races, a circus, and a community fundraiser, demonstrated the diversity for use of this county facility.
  • A new walking track was added at Civitan Park to accompany other additions over the past two years, which also included new equipment and pavilion. Fishing pier renovations were also completed.
  • A new walking track and basketball court were installed to complement other park amenities at Old Ensley School Park.
  • A new pavilion and walking track were added at the Old Molino Community Center and Park.
  • Basketball goals and a pavilion were added adjacent to the existing playground to accompany the existing tennis courts at Treasure Hills Park.
  • Safety netting was added at the Miracle League fields in addition to entry and parking enhancements.
  • An open field at Bradberry Park was transformed with the addition of lights to accommodate youth football practice.
  • Major renovations were completed at the Perdido Kids Park while retaining its existing Naval and Aquatic theme.
  • The Parks and Recreation Department continued to allocate a two-person crew primarily focused on ADA compliance and equipment safety in the county inventory of parks.
  • The Parks and Recreation Department partnered with the Marine Resources Division and the Water Quality and Land Management Division on various aspects of maintenance including dock repairs, boardwalk repairs at Glynn Key and in Jones Swamp and shoreline restoration.
  • The Parks and Recreation Department assisted the Neighborhood and Human Services Department on annual events including Escambia Cares and Celebrating Brownsville.

Youth and Adult Athletic Participation

  • 7, 513 participants in youth athletics
    • 2,906 in baseball, softball, and t-ball
    • 216 in basketball
    • 1,168 in football and cheerleading
    • 3,157 in soccer
    • 66 in lacrosse

  • 156 teams with 1,862 members competed in adult athletic leagues 
    • 42 softball teams in men’s, co-ed, and church league
    • 114 soccer teams in men’s and co-ed leagues

Equestrian Center Statistics

  • 66 events this past year, including 13 new events
  • Over $18 million in economic impact
Brent Athletic Park Youth Football


Participants in youth athletics


Dollars of economic impact from 66 Equestrian Center events


Team members competed in adult athletic leagues