Carpenter's Creek

Mission Statement

To provide efficient responsive services that enhance the quality of life, meet common needs, and promote a safe and healthy community. To conserve, restore, and protect our natural and built environments through ecologically sound and sustainable development principles. To ensure compliance with policies, codes, rules, regulations and permits in a proper, timely manner as prescribed by the law and enforcement codes. The department consists of the following county divisions: Environmental Enforcement, Marine Resources, Mosquito Control, Natural Resources Conservation, RESTORE, and Water Quality & Land Management.

FY 2016-2017 Accomplishments

  • Managed over $30 million in competitive grants for natural resources projects including water quality and habitat improvement projects.
  • Conducted groundwater and surface water sampling for county landfills at a cost savings of approximately $100,000 annually.
  • Coordinated RESTORE Act program for the county and obtained over $20 million in RESTORE funds.
  • Maintained NELAC Certification for the county water quality laboratory.
  • Responded to more than 6,400 environmental code enforcement complaints, removed 583 tons of trash and litter, and removed 1,306 illegal dump sites. 
  • Mosquito Control Division responded to 587 service requests and treated 19,165 acres.
    Secured $4.45 million in Emergency Watershed project funds.
  • Assisted in implementing conservation cost share practices/programs for our county's farm producers.
  • Marine Resources Division obtained two new permitted artificial reef sites: Quietwater Kids Snorkeling Site and Casino Beach Snorkeling Reef. 
  • Nine new artificial reefs were deployed in the Gulf of Mexico, and one new artificial reef was deployed in the Park West Snorkeling Reef via public donations and grant funding, thus at no cost to Escambia County. 


Dollars of competitive grants managed for natural resources projects


Environmental code enforcement complaints responded to


Acres conserved