HR Employment Supervisor Janice Floyd

Screenings as a Wellness Tool

Biometric screenings are one facet of the BCC’s wellness program. The screenings measure important indicators of wellness such as blood glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure.  The doubled the number of participants in the biometric screenings has more than doubled since 2015, with over 38 percent of the eligible employee population turning out.  Employees become more engaged with their health by learning their biometric numbers and participating in a brief coaching session where they receive instant feedback from a qualified health professional on their health and risk status.
“It’s a great opportunity for an employee to interact with a health coach for the first time and be able to ask questions. It’s a point in time conversation,” Human Resources Director Eric Kleinert said.  “And since a segment of our employee population that does a biometric screening has not seen a physician recently, that teachable moment with a health coach could be life-changing.”

More than one BCC employee had that life-changing moment because of 2017’s screenings. Eight employees were made aware of critical health conditions as a direct result.  One participant noted that their family doctor had not detected the condition revealed by the biometric screenings, despite regularly-scheduled visits.

Biometric screenings allow employees to help take charge of their health. Escambia County is committed to offering a benefits package that allows employees to optimize their health. Currently, employees are offered use of several onsite gyms, a health clinic and an ongoing series of wellness classes. Wellness programs are one approach to help control the ever-rising costs of medical coverage. One recent study showed that every dollar invested in intervention yields $6 in health care savings. But more importantly, wellness programs help to ensure the county's most important asset, its employees, are healthy and happy, while improving their quality of life. 

Mission Statement

To deliver integrated human resource services, allowing the BCC to effectively achieve its stated goals and objectives.  Through career development, employee benefits, talent acquisition, employee relations and compensation, employees and managers have resources available at their fingertips to positively contribute to the organization.  The Human Resources Department also ensures BCC compliance with all applicable employment-related local, state and federal laws and regulations. Additionally, Human Resources administers the group medical, dental, life, retirement, deferred compensation and cafeteria plan benefits to all county employees serviced by the BCC HR staff.

FY 2016-2017 Accomplishments

We continue to refine our services and programs to help all of us succeed at every stage of our employment and to make the BCC a better place to work. Among our accomplishments:
  • Successfully onboarded 125 employees from Escambia County Area Transit.  The employees began BCC-employment on Oct. 1, 2017. The HR team spent the weekends prior to start date on site at ECAT orientating the new employees and assisting with benefits enrollment.
  • At the board’s direction, developed a legally compliant benefits opt-out program that provides a $200 per month stipend to employees who chose to enroll in other benefit programs. The program helps empower employees to be good insurance consumers.
  • Began an in-depth comprehensive examination of employee health benefit usage in preparation of potential plan design changes in 2018.
  • Completed data gathering and modeling for a compensation and organizational design study covering the BCC and other constitutional offices.
Human Resources Associate Edward Spainhower


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+ Employees are provided all HR services by 14 department members