Brownsville Community Center

Mission Statement

The goal of the Escambia County Facilities Management Department is to provide safe, clean and comfortable facilities for county departments, agencies and the citizens who frequent them. The department is also responsible for the maintenance, repair and security of county-owned and leased buildings, utilities, capital lease management, space needs planning and the oversight of capital improvement and renovation projects. 

Southwest Sports Complex Construction Southwest Sports Complex Completed

FY 2016-2017 Accomplishments

  • Brownsville Community Resource Center (Completed) 
    • The project work included renovation of the existing two-story building originally constructed in 1997, which was being used as a community center. The ground level totals 22,728 square feet and the second level totals 14,043 square feet. Exterior renovations included the replacement of all rooftop package air conditioning systems and a new roof system on the low slope roof areas, along with painting the exterior of the building. Interior renovations included minor partition modifications, some new ceilings, some new floor and wall finishes and modifications to the proscenium. The project was completed in May 2017 at a cost of $1,692,691.
  • Southwest Escambia Sports Complex (Completed) 
    • The project scope included construction of men’s and women’s restrooms at the softball fields at the Southwest Escambia Sports Complex. The project was completed in May 2017 at a cost of $167,670.
  • M.C. Blanchard Judicial Building Law Library Modifications (Completed) 
    • Modifications to the Law Library to allow for three separate interview rooms. The project was completed in February 2017 at a cost of $34,903.
  • Sherriff Administration Building Investigations and Finance Break Room Modifications (Completed) 
    • Renovations to create two warming kitchens, including new casework and appliances. The project was completed in June 2017 at a cost of $62,000.
  • Central Office Building Chiller Replacement (Completed) 
    • The replacement of the inefficient chiller project had started in early 2014 before the building was damaged by the April 2014 flooding, thus canceling the project. After 16 months, the occupants moved back into the first floor of this facility, and staff recommend that we move forward with the replacement of the old and inefficient chiller. The project was completed in May 2017 at a cost of $104,640.
  • New Escambia County Correctional Facility (In Progress)  
    • The construction of a new 1,476-bed correctional facility through the design-build process. The design criteria package for the new1,476-bed Escambia County correctional facility includes two phases: Phase I: construction of a 700-bed correctional facility with core services to handle future housing unit build-outs. The remaining phase II design criteria package is to construct housing units to reach capacity of 1,476 inmates. The project’s cost estimate is $130 million and is anticipated to be completed in 2020.
  • Beachside Restroom and Boardwalk (In Progress)
    • The project includes construction of a restrooms facility and boardwalk on Pensacola Beach Gulfside across from Portofino, to be ADA-accessible and include an observation area. The project’s cost estimate is $732,000 and is anticipated to be completed in June 2018.
  • Beulah Regional Park Restroom Addition (In Progress) 
    • The construction of a new restroom facility at the Beulah Regional Park. The project’s cost estimate is $125,000 and is anticipated to be completed in June 2018.


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