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Mission Statement

The Jail Division is committed to providing a safe, secure, and humane environment for persons incarcerated. This is accomplished through professional staff that is trained in the dynamics of interpersonal skills, human diversity, the standards of law, and the United States Constitution. The corrections team is dedicated to providing a public service by ensuring a safe environment for staff, visitors, and the public. The goal of the Jail Division is to maximize resources while continually developing self-enrichment programs for the inmate population that will assist in basic life skills needed after incarceration with the objective to reduce recidivism. It is our goal to do so while ensuring the operation is fiscally sound and cost effective, minimizing the impact on the taxpayer and maximizing funding resources.

FY 2016-2017 Accomplishments

  • Installed court docket interface program, which increased effectiveness in entering court decisions and information and allowed the Clerk of Court and computer system to interface with the jail management system.
  • Sponsored Corrections Academy at George Stone Training Center.
  • Moved all Escambia County inmates from the Santa Rosa County Jail, resulting in approximately $1 million in savings annually.
  • Opened two new jail dorms at the Work Release Center.
  • Converted four cells in Jail Infirmary to critical care capable cells.
  • Medical staff moved into a newly-renovated nurse’s station, with a large viewing window into critical care cells, a large monitor to view cells via camera, multiple work stations and an inmate call notification system.
  • Medical call buttons were added to all cells in the infirmary.
  • Juvenile inmates were moved from multiple cells to one central open-dormitory cell with a corrections officer assigned in the dorm to act as a mentor to the juveniles.
  • Added 44 new beds to the main jail.
  • Issued protective vests to transportation officers.
  • Signed new contract with Walton County Sheriff’s Office to continue its services of providing housing and programs for Escambia County inmates.
  • Implemented an awards program to publicly recognize Escambia County Jail employees for exemplary services while serving the community. Through the program, eight officers received an Escambia County Corrections Challenge coin, one corrections officer received a Life Saving medal and 31 corrections officers received Letters of Recognition.
  • 37 Jail personnel were certified as Crisis Intervention team members, with a total of 141 current jail employees certified as CIT.
  • Upgraded video visitation servers for capabilities to perform visitation from other venues, with 39,307 individuals utilizing video visitation at the current video visitation site.
  • Purchased 80 stackable bunks in response to an increase in jail population.
  • Purchased 14 AEDs and strategically placed throughout the jail facilities.
  • Added paramedics and RNs with advanced critical care experience to the jail medical team.
  • Added advanced health care testing equipment to medical staff tools, including a LifePak-15 Cardiac Monitor and i-STAT Diagnostic System, which both provide invaluable clinical data and point-of-care testing results.
  • Programs: 
    • Two juveniles received high school diplomas while incarcerated.
    • Eight adults earned GED diplomas while incarcerated.
    • 324 students enrolled in the GED program.
    • 816 participated in parenting class.
    • 2,888 participated in Alcoholics Anonymous.
    • 456 participated in Cocaine Anonymous.
    • 572 participated in anger/stress management:
  • Religious Services:
    • Protestant chapel services: 1,758 attendance
    • Protestant Bible classes: 7,716 attendance
    • Muslim Jum’ah service: 514 attendance
    • Muslim Ramadan feast: 14 participants
    • Catholic chapel services: 1,129 attendance
    • Bibles issued: 3,200
    • Religious classes: 1,005 provided
    • Chapel services: 328 provided
    • Books issued: 6,000

  • Distributed 1,000 new mattress/pillow combinations to inmates.
  • Hired 41 new corrections officers, with field training officers providing 19,680 hours of training to new officers.
  • Intake:
    • Intake: 17,264, an increase of 951 from the same time period of fiscal year 2015/16.
    • Releases: 17,282


Adults and juveniles participated in programs to better themselves while incarcerated


New corrections officers hired despite extremely competitive hiring climate


Million saved annually by reevaluating inmate placement