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Things go Right for Lefty

Lefty, a 1-year-old dachshund mix, came to the shelter with severe injuries to her right upper leg. The large open wound was compromised by infection and dead tissue, making it very difficult to treat. Dr. Johnna Lee, the shelter’s veterinarian and who had only just started, decided to attempt treatment and give Lefty a chance. She performed surgery, removing all of the necrotic tissue and closed the wound with a drain to deal with infection. After weeks of monitoring and treatments, it was determined that Lefty was in the clear and could be readied for adoption. She was adopted in only two days! She is now a member of a great family. 

Lefty's Adoption


Escambia County Animal Services includes both Animal Control and the Escambia County Animal Shelter. Animal Control is dedicated to public safety and the welfare of animals in our community. Our officers are tasked with enforcing state and local laws to protect both the animals and citizens of Escambia County. The Animal Shelter provides temporary care for homeless or confiscated animals. The staff at the shelter work diligently to provide exceptional care for all animals in their oversight. Homes are sought using a variety of programs including adoptions, fosters, transfers to rescue organizations, and transports to shelters in other states that are lacking adoptable pets. Both departments provide humane education to county residents to help them better care for their pets.

FY 2016-2017 Accomplishments

  • Hired a new full-time veterinarian to provide medical care and prepare animals at the shelter for adoption.
  • Provided a grant to Pensacola Humane Society to help with spay and neuter surgeries for low-income residents. Provided funding to Panhandle Equine Rescue to assist with care of horses that have been suffering abuse or neglect that Animal Control removed.
  • Assisted Liberty County and the ASPCA with two hoarding cases, allowing our officers to get some field training and experience while helping a community that has no Animal Control whatsoever.
  • Set up and operated a host shelter for the pets of Hurricane Irma evacuees.
  • Entered into a partnership with Pensacola State College’s Veterinary Technology Program as a clinical training site, allowing vet tech students an opportunity to learn shelter medicine with our veterinarian.
  • Updated the Dangerous Dog Ordinance to improve public safety.
  • Entered into an agreement with Santa Rosa Island Authority to add an officer, allowing Animal Control to focus on Pensacola Beach animal issues.
  • Adopted 1,352 and transferred 1,216 animals from the shelter.
  • Shelter staff helped to return 555 lost pets to their owners.
  • Animal control answered 7,389 calls for assistance.
  • Investigated 3,612 complaints of nuisance, bites or cruelty situations.
  • Handled 2,330 roaming-at-large complaints.
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Pets were adopted, reunited with their families or transferred to other rescues 


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