IMRF Facility

Mission Statement

The Escambia County Waste Services Department consistently strives to achieve and maintain environmental compliance and implementation of community service initiatives. The Waste Services Department has worked towards the achievement of the State of Florida 75 percent recycling initiative, and the manifestation of a long-term recycling solution for Escambia County by fostering cooperative ventures with the city of Pensacola and the Emerald Coast Utilities Authority. In addition, the department has further executed the Design/Construction of a Class-1 Landfill Expansion as needed for disposal capacity for Escambia County.

Gulf Power Landfill Gas Facility at Perdido Landfill

FY 2015-2016 Accomplishments

  • Played an integral part in the location of an operating Interim Materials Recycling Facility at the Perdido Landfill.Through this negotiation, Emerald Coasts Utilities Authority was allowed to construct a Single Stream Recyclable MRF. The IMRF is operated in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.
  • Escambia County recycling rate continued to increase during FY 15/16, as it approaches the 75 percent recycling goal, per House Bill 7243 (FS 403.7032) and FDEP’s Recycling Goal Report. Current rate equals 45 percent (39 percent traditional, 6 percent from LFG to Electricity/Renewable Energy credit).
  • The Reblended Paint Program diverted approximately 6,000 gallons of unused latex paint from the waste stream.This paint was reblended and beneficially used for various projects throughout the county.This program is also available to county residents weekly.
  • Completed permitting and design of recycled "air space" in Cell IA, of Section V. This will provide for the reutilization/recycling of approximately 15 acres of disposal capacity.
  • Continued public education and community outreach through its support of the following community service projects and public recreation areas:
    • Keep Pensacola Beautiful Program
    • Countywide illegal dumps/right-of-way pickup
    • Neighborhood Clean Sweeps – Natural Resources Management/CRA
    • Five Household Hazardous Waste Regional Roundups
    • Perdido Riverwalk
    • Klondike Archery Park
    • Northwest Florida RC Modelers
  • Maintained its “In Compliance” ranking with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for the operation of the Perdido Landfill and Palafox Transfer Station.
  • Waste Services Department/ Landfill Gas-to-Energy program averaged a 90 percent operating capacity factor at the Gulf Power Electrical generating plant.This is greatly due to operations minimizing down time from maintenance and/or repair of the collection system (goal is zero disruptions).
  • Waste Services Department/Perdido Landfill, maintained the industry standard waste compaction of 1,840 lbs/cy in place waste density.
  • Hosted numerous visitors through partnerships with UWF and Gulf Coast Citizen Diplomacy.Staff engaged in discussion and attempted to answer and give insight on the question of how the landfill has worked to address the solid waste management and recycling needs of the community.
  • Continued negotiations regarding the Advanced Mixed Waste Processing program.If approved, this facility would assist the county in achieving the 75 percent recycling rate.
  • Waste Services Department /Palafox Transfer Station completed a Limited Scope Remedial Action Plan to remove pre-existing arsenic contaminated soil from the facility.
  • Diverted the following waste from the Perdido Landfill during this period:
    • Waste Tires – 363 tons
    • Yard Waste – 24,443 tons
    • Hazardous Household Waste – 38 tons
    • Clean Concrete – 3,680 tons
    • White Paper/Cardboard Recyclables – 273 tons
    • Scrap Recycling (Southern Recycling) – 148 tons
    • Electronics Recycling (Wise Recycling) – 138 tons


Tons of yard waste diverted from Perdido Landfill


Regional Roundup community events held


Gallons of unused latex paint diverted from waste stream