Lifeguards in Water

Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate and protect the public on Pensacola Beach. Pensacola Beach Water Safety Division was transferred from the Santa Rosa Island Authority to Escambia County beginning of the fiscal year 2016. The division’s core competency is dealing with incidents that develop in the aquatic environment of Pensacola Beach. We contract with Gulf Islands National Seashore to provide lifeguard coverage for the seashores three swimming beaches: Opal, Langdon, and Johnson Beach during in-season. The lifeguard season has two seasons. The in-season runs from March 1 through mid- October. The off–season is mid- October through the end of February. Lifeguards man towers in season, and off season operate a beach patrol with the use of patrol vehicles. The beach patrol operates daily throughout the off season. Lifeguards staff Gulf front beaches and Quietwater picnic area.

FY 2015-2016 Accomplishments

  • All time staff of 76 team members
  • Supported a successful Pensacola Beach Blue Angel Airshow
  • Established the marked area of the airshow box
  • Attended in-service training with Pensacola Beach Fire Station13
  • Interacted with almost 100,000 visitors to Pensacola Beach
  • Assisted EMS with care and transport of patients from the beach
  • Worked to prevent injuries in the aquatic environment

Lifeguard Statistics

  • 97,456 contacts with beach visitors
  • 27,817 preventative actions
  • Rescued 158 people from drowning
  • Assisted 427 people in moderate distress
  • Attended 45 major medical incidents
  • Helped locate 96 lost children
  • Assisted Escambia County EMS with 30 patients requiring transport


Contacts with beach visitors


People rescued from drowning


Preventative actions taken