Fire Safety Training at Oakcrest Elementary

Mission Statement

Escambia County Fire Rescue proudly operates as a combination fire department, utilizing the talents and diversities of volunteer and career firefighting personnel. Volunteer firefighters operate out of nine districts throughout Escambia County, while career firefighters operate out of 14 districts throughout Escambia County. Thirteen of the career companies are staffed 24 hours a day. Escambia County Fire Rescue also offers other emergency services such as hazardous material response, special operations and ALS nontransport.

FY 2015-2016 Accomplishments

  • Administered the physical abilities test, or PAT, to 62 volunteer firefighter applicants, with 44 of those applicants successfully completing the application process and gaining membership.
  • Initiated an online Firefighter I program for county volunteer firefighters, 43 members registered, six achieved the Florida Volunteer FF Certification.

Fire Responses

ECFR responded to 994 calls for fire suppression. The specific breakdown includes:

  • 209 structure fires actually involving structural components of the residence or business resulting in approximately $8,292,396 in damages
  • 126 fires that were extinguished prior to FD arrival, required only an investigation, or coded as other resulting in $314,457 in damages
  • 39 cooking fires confined to container resulting in approximately $3,710 in damages
  • 2 chimney or flue fires confined to chimney or flue
  • 149 vehicle fires to include cars, RV’s, commercial, rail, heavy equipment, ATV’s, and boats resulting in approximately $777,330 in damages
  • 169 grass, brush, or wildland fires
  • 287 trash fires including rubbish, trash, landfill, and dumpsters
  • 79 fires of other types

Rescue and Emergency Medical Services

ECFR responded to 7,062 calls for medical emergencies and rescue in 2015.  The specific breakdown includes:

  • 5,038 medical calls including both Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support responses
  • 1,870 motor vehicle accidents including pedestrians struck, accidents requiring extrication from a vehicle, and no injuries after arrival
  • 100 rescues including stalled elevators, surf rescues, swift water rescues and watercraft rescues
  • 4 technical rescues requiring extrication from structures, machinery, confined spaces, and high angle rescues
  • 50 other or unspecified rescues
  • Received approval to hire 24 new firefighters, which will staff two additional fire stations.
  • Added a fire education division with two volunteer members, David Coulter and Ray Melton, providing support in coordinating, scheduling, and conducting fire safety and education events for ECFR.
  • Installed 839 smoke detectors in Escambia County homes at no charge to the resident. 

False Alarms

ECFR responded to 1,743 incidents of alarm system and sprinkler activations. The specific breakdown includes:

  • 311 false alarms or false calls
  • 99 malicious false alarms
  • 72 system malfunctions
  • 9 sprinkler activations due to malfunctions
  • 147 smoke, co, and heat detector malfunctions
  • 1,105 system malfunctions and unintentional transmissions of alarms

Inspections of Permitted Projects

  • Fire Inspectors conducted more than 446 inspections on permitted projects in 2015.
  • Included inspections on new construction, building alteration/addition, change of building occupancy, fire systems repair/replacement, etc.

Annual Inspections

  • Fire Inspectors conducted more than 532 Annual Inspections in 2015.
  • Addressed fire and life safety violations including: blocked/locked exits, fire systems out of service, occupant loads not posted, etc.
  • Inspected high risk occupancies annually including day cares, foster homes, private schools, nursing homes, hotels, and high rises.


Calls responded to for fire suppression


Calls responded to for medical emergencies and rescue


Smoke detectors installed in homes by firefighters at no charge