Nutrition Program

Mission Statement


The mission of the Escambia County Department of Neighborhood & Human Services is to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Escambia County. The method by which the department achieves this is through a variety of community-based programs and initiatives that provide efficient and effective services that improve the quality of life and meet the common needs of the citizens of Escambia County, while promoting a safe community.

FY 2015-2016 Accomplishments

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
    • SNAP provides eligible food assistance recipients the opportunity to gain skills, training, education or experience that will improve employment prospects.
    • Case management and counseling services are provided to program participants who have been determined eligible for SNAP activities to include career counseling, identifying barriers to employment, educational/skills assessments, follow-up services and other related services.
      • This program is now administered by CareerSource Escarosa.
  • Indigent Burial/Cremation Program
    • The program is designed to provide payment of the expenses incurred for the disposition of deceased persons declared unclaimed/or indigent (by program standards), resident or non-resident if the death occurred in Escambia County, Florida.
    • Reviewed 218 requests for assistance through the county’s Indigent Burial/Cremation Program, with 148 requests being approved. 21 of the requests were for veterans of the armed services.  70 of the cases were denials or families chose to opt out of the program. 
  • Job Readiness Training Workshops
    • NHS’s newest program is Job Readiness Workshops. The workshops are designed to assist the job seeker with information that will develop and enhance their chances of gaining employment and/or promotion. The training sessions consist of: job application and resume development, interviewing techniques, dress for success instruction, time management tutorials, how to find the right job for you, customer service skills in the workplace, getting along with others in the workplace and instructions for keeping a job. These workshops are free to the public. 
  • Low Income Direct Emergency Assistance Program 
    • The Low Income Direct Emergency Assistance Program is a county program that provides help for those who qualify for emergency utility bill payment assistance, mortgage/rental payments, food or payment for prescribed medication through the Escarosa Coalition on the Homeless. This program will be considered a last resort after all means of acquiring assistance has failed. 
    • In FY 2015/16, 253 households applied, 114 were approved for assistance and 139 completed financial literacy courses through LIDEAP


Households completed LIDEAP financial literacy courses 


SNAP participants placed in accountable work/school activities


Requests responded to for the Indigent Burial/Cremation Program