Brownsville Meetup

Mission Statement

The Community Redevelopment Agency seeks to revitalize and enhance the quality of life within the CRA areas by encouraging private sector reinvestment, promoting economic development, and providing public sector enhancements. This includes initiatives that promote revitalization for the residential, commercial, and industrial zones within the designated CRA areas.

FY 2015-2016 Accomplishments

  • One hundred and nine grants awarded, expending over $292,845 toward Residential Rehab, Commercial Facade and Sign, Tree Trimming, and Painting Programs. CRA increased their grant awards by 55 percent from the previous year.
  • Eight capital improvement projects were completed this fiscal year to include sidewalks, street lighting, sewer expansion, Navy Boulevard beautification and access management project, and other infrastructure projects expended over $1.6 millon using TIF and LOST funds.
  • CRA spent over $289,875 for maintenance within the existing five CRA areas (Barrancas, Brownsville, Englewood, Palafox & Warrington) which included sponsoring CRA workers, ROW maintenance, landscapes, mowing, and other projects.
  • Twenty-four demolitions and lot abatements projects were provided to clean up blighted lots using TIF and Safe Neighborhood funds expending over $110,360.
  • Sixteen neighborhood clean ups within the CRA areas were provided removing 613 tons of bulky and yard waste, and 65 tons of tires which together are equivalent to 1.4 million in pounds.Total expended was $48,654 using TIF and Safe Neighborhood funds.
  • Over 3,014 roadway streetlights are currently funded by the CRA and Safe Neighborhood Program throughout seven CRA areas (Barrancas, Brownsville, Cantonment, Englewood, Ensley, Palafox, & Warrington) to provide lighting for communities to decrease crime and increase driver and pedestrian safety. Total annual cost to brighten the streets is $352,045.
  • CRA retrofitted 680 streetlights in the Englewood CRA replacing the old sodium pressure lights with LED bright lights.Total amount expended was $236,000 funded through Neighborhood Enterprise Division’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).
  • Two special outreach projects were conducted to provide resources and awareness to the communities:
    • The 3rd Annual Celebrating Brownsville Festival which was a community outreach event that included entertainment, arts/culture, Brownsville mural project and other community vendors.
    • Escambia Care Resource Expo which was a community outreach event that provided public information of resources available through the county and other local agencies.
  • CRA installed new 154 LED streetlights in the Cantonment CRA to provide for community and pedestrian safety in the area.Total amount expended was $64,000 funded through CDBG.
  • Two Redevelopment Plans and Tax Increment Finance Ordinances for Ensley and Atwood areas were written and established for the newly designated areas which were approved by the commission Sept. 22, 2016.
Celebrating Brownsville Artist

Celebrating Brownsville Community Event

The Community Redevelopment Agency hosted the 3rd Annual Celebrating Brownsville Festival to unite the Brownsville community through arts and entertainment. The event promotes greater community involvement, by incorporating art as an anchor to the Brownsville Community in partnership with Artel Art Gallery and Lamar Advertising.

The event also offered arts and crafts, free children’s activities, local food and informational vendors, and an artist competition to further enhance the original mural installation that exist within Brownsville. The event seeks to encourage private reinvestment and gain momentum for redevelopment.


Grants awarded


Million dollars spent for improvements in five CRA areas


Street lights funded by CRA and Safe Neighborhoods