Water Quality and Land Management Field Work

Mission Statement

The Escambia County Water Quality & Land Management Division provides high quality technical and scientific management for preservation and enhancement of the county’s natural resources.  The division’s goals are to conserve, restore, and protect our natural and built environments through scientifically and ecologically sound and sustainable principles.

FY 2015-2016 Accomplishments

  • Escambia County Water Quality Laboratory acquired certification from the Florida Department of Health.The county laboratory now provides analytical services for the following Fields of Accreditation: drinking water (microbiology), non-potable water (general chemistry, metals, microbiology), and solid and chemical materials (general chemistry, metals) for a total of 68 parameters in water, soil, and sediment using 32 separate analytical methods.
  • Managed more than $30 million in competitive grants for natural resources projects including water quality and habitat improvement projects.
  • Completed the 8.3 mile nourishment of Pensacola Beach.
  • Escambia County joined the Gulf Coastal Plain Ecosystem Partnership. Public and private landowners work together through the partnership to support large-scale restoration and land management activities.
  • Successfully managed regulatory compliance and monitoring requirements for county NPDES Stormwater Permit, Bayou Chico Basin Management Action Plan, and total maximum daily loads.
  • Developed and began implementation of two separate Bacteria Pollution Control Plans for the Carpenters Creek and Eleven Mile Creek watershed.
  • Conducted groundwater and surface water sampling for county landfills at a cost savings of approximately $100,000 annually.
  • Managed the WQLM volunteer and intern program designed to provide experience for college students and graduates. A total of 20 interns completed 1,257 hours during the fiscal year.


Miles of Pensacola Beach nourishment completed


Dollars in cost savings due to groundwater and surface water sampling at county landfills


Hours completed by 20 interns in the volunteer and intern program