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Mission Statement

The Escambia County Office of Management and Budget Services is responsible for all aspects of the budgetary accounting system, including budget preparation, expenditure and revenue forecasting, monitoring and reporting. The office supports the policy and program initiatives of the Escambia County Board of County Commissioners and county administrator by providing professional municipal finance and budget analysis assistance to functions under the board.

FY 2015-2016 Accomplishments

  • Adopted the fiscal year 2015/16 budget in the amount of $412.20 million per F.S. Chapter 129.
  • Developed and adopted through administration and board action the fiscal year 2016/17 budget in the amount of $436.58 million per F.S. Chapter 129. This budget is our best effort to provide the services and quality of life our citizens have come to expect.
  • Millage rates remain the same for fiscal year 2016-17 at the FY2015/16 level of 6.617 countywide, .685 Law Enforcement MSTU, and .359 for the Library MSTU.
  • The FY2015/16 budget is in compliance with the Truth in Millage Certification for Escambia County per F.S. 200.065. By remaining in compliance, no penalties are levied upon the Escambia County government by the state of Florida and keeps our board-adopted millage rates at the amounts presented to the public.
  • Received zero TRIM violations for FY2015/16 and FY2016/17.
  • Received the Distinguished Budget Presentation award for the FY2015/16 budget from the Government Finance Officers Association.
  • Processed 304 budget amendments totaling roughly $292 million in various funding.
  • Performed position control for an adopted total of 1,727 positions and an amended total of 1,736 positions.
  • Reviewed more than 1,133 personnel action forms to confirm budgeted salary, position, and cost center.
  • Managed and executed on an annual basis approximately 23 agreements and miscellaneous appropriations and eight other agency PO’s for local non-profits, outside agencies and organizations in Escambia County per BCC direction that benefit the overall community.
  • Managed over 183 Special Districts/MSBU’s totaling roughly $1.01 million annually and processed first year levies of three new MSBU’s for street lighting, holding pond maintenance and construction improvements. Successful adoption of the MSBU assessment roll as part of the adopted county budget.
  • Successful adoption of a Fire MSBU Rate increase effective for FY2016/17 and resulting in an additional $3 million in revenue to support the Fire Rescue Department.
  • Conducted eight property sales thru escheatment/foreclosures and three Central Commerce Park sales to the county totaling approximately $138,865.
  • Sold surplus furniture totaling $2,127.
  • Performed over 50 site inspections on escheated/foreclosed county properties and reviewed more than 300 county held tax certificates before application for tax deed.
  • Provide assistance to all county departments and providing appropriate levels of service so that those departments can perform their tasks and services in an effective and efficient manner to better serve the citizens of Escambia County.
MSBU Lighting - Gulf Power

MSBU Projects Improve Neighborhoods

The Office of Management and Budget manages a program known as Municipal Services Benefit Units which makes it possible for neighborhoods to get special services their community deems will improve quality of life in that area, like street lighting, better drainage and sewer services, and paved roads. The unique part of this program is that the projects are neighborhood driven, as opposed to being county-imposed. The benefiting property owners know better than anyone what will improve their own communities and are willing to pay an assessment on their tax bill after the county finances the project up front. Currently, the most requested improvement is street lighting, but other types of improvements are becoming more common.

In 2016 OMB worked on new projects across eight subdivisions, including one road paving, four street lightings, two sewer/drainage improvements, and one channel dredge. Most are still ongoing but when complete, the intent is that these services will improve the quality of life for approximately 1,550 property owners.

These projects aren’t paid for with local tax dollars so the MSBU program provides a financing mechanism for initial completion and often the ongoing maintenance needs. While OMB makes the financing possible, accomplishing the work is only possible through the expertise and hard work of other county departments including engineering, traffic and marine resources. 


TRIM violations for FY15/16


Adopted budget for FY15/16


Budget amendments processed