Old Courthouse Exterior After Restoration

Mission Statement

The goal of the Escambia County Facilities Management Department is to provide safe, clean and comfortable facilities for county departments, agencies and the citizens who frequent them. The department is also responsible for the maintenance, repair and security of county-owned and leased buildings, utilities, capital lease management, space needs planning and the oversight of capital improvement and renovation projects.

Pensacola Library CafeBrownsville Community Center Construction

FY 2015-2016 Accomplishments

  • Old Courthouse Renovations (completed)
    • The project work included the partial removal of a 1950s addition to the west side of the existing historic courthouse building and the interior restoration of the second floor court room space, previously used as the board room of the county commissioners. This is Phase IV of the restoration work, with $350,000 funded by a State Historic Preservation Grant from the Florida Department of Historic Resources. The project was completed in September 2016 at a cost of $713,346.
  • Main Library Café Renovations (completed)
    • The project scope included the renovation of about 228 square feet of existing space into a coffee shop/snack area. It included interior finishes and modifications to the plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems to accommodate the proposed fixtures and equipment. The total project cost was $83,423.
  • Main Jail ACR Modifications and Bail Bondsmen Interview Room Addition (completed)
    • The main jail has needed several modifications due to the loss of the Central Booking and Detention Facility, including changes in order to better process the intake and release of inmates. The modifications involved the installation of a new sally port entrance, changes to existing walls and security equipment and the conversion of an existing cell into a room for interviews for bail bondsmen. The total project cost was $230,833.
  • Juvenile Justice Detention Center Restroom Addition (completed)
    • The Juvenile Detention Center required the addition of men’s and women’s restrooms for public use. This work included converting the existing waiting room into one men’s and one women’s ADA-compliant restrooms. The work also included converting existing offices into a new waiting area, removing existing bathroom partitions in two bathrooms and installing a single partition door at the entry foyer. The total project cost was $75,141.
  • Repairs to Tornado Damaged Roofs at Century (completed)
    • The Feb. 15, 2016 tornado caused major roof damage to the Century Health Clinic Annex at 511 Church Str. and the Billy G. Tennant Clinic at 501 Church St. The scope of the work includes storm damage repairs to the roofs, with a total project cost of $160,501.
  • New Escambia County Correctional Facility (in progress)
    • The project will be for the construction of a new 1,476-bed correctional facility through the design-build process. Phase I will include constructing a 700-bed correctional facility with core services to handle future housing unit build outs. The remaining phase II design criteria package is to construct housing units to reach capacity of 1,476 inmates. The project’s cost estimate is $130 million and is anticipated to be completed in 2019.
  • Beachside Restroom and Boardwalk (in progress)
    • The project is for the construction of a restrooms facility and boardwalk on Pensacola Beach Gulf side across from Portofino, ADA-accessible with an observation area.The project’s cost estimate is $732,000 and is anticipated to be completed in July 2017.
  • Brownsville Community Center (in progress)
    • The project is for the renovation of the existing two-story building originally constructed in 1997 and presently being used as a community center. The ground level totals 22,728 square feet, and the second level totals 14,043 square feet. Exterior renovations include the replacement of all rooftop package air conditioning systems, a new roof system on the low slope roof areas and painting the exterior of the building. Interior renovations include minor partition modifications, some new ceilings, some new floor finishes, some new wall finishes and modifications to the proscenium. The project’s budget is $1,793,175, $250,000 of which is for furniture, fixtures and equipment, and is anticipated to be completed in May 2017.


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