Animal Shelter Cat with Staff

Mission Statement

Escambia County Animal Services is dedicated to providing responsive, effective and humane animal care and control services for all residents and visitors to our community. The Animal Control Department enforces state and local laws to protect the animals and citizens of Escambia County. The Animal Shelter provides temporary care for homeless or confiscated animals and makes pets available for adoption at a reasonable cost. Both departments provide humane education to county residents to help them better care for their pets.

FY 2015-2016 Accomplishments

Animal Shelter

  • Kept 678 lost pets safe until they could be reunited with their grateful families
  • Found new, forever homes for 2,033 pets through adoption
  • Transferred 964 pets to partner rescue organizations
  • Continued partnership with Humane Society of Pensacola to provide Trap, Neuter and Release programs in specific areas in order to monitor progress and success
  • Participated in multiple offsite community outreach and adoption events to provide humane education and awareness for the shelter
  • Reestablished the volunteer program to provide more support for the animals and shelter staff.
  • Began heartworm testing program and prevention plan for dogs at the shelter
  • Kicked off the Foster-to-Adopt Program for Escambia County residents to place kittens and puppies in a home prior to adoption

Animal Control

  • Responded to 8,055 calls from concerned citizens
  • Provided assistance to officers from other departments 247 times
  • Investigated 3,102 complaints of nuisance or cruelty situations
  • Handled 2,934 roaming-at-large complaints
  • Responded to and provided aid for 141 injured wildlife calls
  • Removed 497 deceased animals from roadways and public areas


Calls responded to from concerned citizens


Times that assistance was provided to officers from other departments


Lost pets kept safe until they could be reunited with their grateful families