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Escambia County is committed to providing access to our beaches to people with disabilities.  We welcome your comments regarding how we can improve access for people with disabilities who live, work, visit and play on Perdido Key.

Do you live in, work in or visit Perdido Key?

How do you travel to Perdido Key?

How far did you travel to get to Perdido Key?

How often do you visit Perdido Key each year?

Who accompanies you when you visit the beach? Check all that apply.

What activities do you do participate in at the beach? Check all that apply.

Please check all activities currently inaccessible to you. Check all that apply.

Which seasons do you use the beach area? Check all that apply.

How long do you stay at the beach?

Do you consider yourself to be a person with a disability or an advocate for person with disabilities?

When visiting Perdido Key, have you used any of the following? Check all that apply.

Have you ever experienced any exterior barriers or non-accessible areas during your visit to Perdido Key? Check all that apply.

When visiting Perdido Key, which of the following would you use? Check all that apply.

Floating Chair
Floating Chair

Accessible Mats
Accessible Mats

Common beach wheelchair
Common Beach Wheelchair

Dune Walk-Over
Dune Walk-Over

How would you rate the accessibility of the Perdido Key for people with disabilities?

I would visit the beach more if:

Where do you check to find out information about the beach? Check all that apply.

How would you rate Perdido Key in terms of accessibility by people with disabilities?

What is your preferred meeting type for future meetings?