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Navy Blvd Access Management and Corridor Beautification Project

The public involvement phase is now complete. The public involvement phase was a successful effort to garner and incorporate public input, most specifically, the adjacent property owners, along Navy Blvd. from the Bayou Chico Bridge west to New Warrington Road. The involvement included an initial public workshop to present the Navy Blvd. Corridor Management Concept that resulted from the CRA’s overall Navy Blvd. Design Guidelines and Corridor Management Plan, one-on-one stakeholder interviews/meetings, and a final public workshop.

Below is the final corridor concept that the County transmitted to FDOT for incorporation into the next phase of the project, which is known as the Project Development and Environmental (PD&E). FDOT is now managing agency for this project and will undergo the State Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) in order to satisfy the PD&E Phase

FDOT has selected DRMP, Inc. as the SEIR consultant. FDOT anticipates the SEIR Phase to last 12 months, which will then be followed by the Design Phase. Public Involvement Meetings will be held throughout the SEIR and Design Phases.

Last Updated: 11/14/2017

Project Manager:
David Forte

Office Phone:
(850) 595-3404
District #:
District 2
CRA District:
Safe Neighborhood District:
Funding Sources:
Sponsoring Division:
Public Works - Traffic
Project Status:

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