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Alison Rogers, County Attorney

The Office of the County Attorney represents the Board of County Commissioners and its administrator in all civil legal matters. The County Attorney is responsible for prosecution and defense of all civil lawsuits brought by or against the County, representation of the County at administrative hearings, drafting or review of ordinances and resolutions, as well as approval of all contracts or written instruments as to form and legal sufficiency. The attorney also renders legal opinions for the Board of County Commissioners, some constitutional officers and the County Administrator. Upon request, the County Attorney also provides legal support for county boards and advisory committees.

County Attorney Staff

  • Charles V. Peppler, Deputy County Attorney
  • Stephen G. West, Senior Assistant County Attorney
  • Kristin D. Hual, Senior Assistant County Attorney
  • Kia M. Johnson, Assistant County Attorney
  • Matthew R. Shaud, Assistant County Attorney

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