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Fire rescue crews work at a bus accident in Alabama

Fire Rescue Helps Save Students in Bus Accident

On March 13, 2018, Escambia County Fire Rescue crews were among the many agencies that responded to a charter bus accident on Interstate 10 in Baldwin County, Alabama. ECFR provided four engines including special ops,along with the acting fire chief and two battalion chiefs.

In all, the combined task force of public safety agencies rescued and transported 45 injured patients and recovered one deceased individual. Of those patients, 44 were transported off the scene within one hour and 12 minutes of Escambia County arriving on scene. This equates to a Level 3 Mass Casualty Incident, which many fire and public safety professionals may go their entire career without seeing.  

Escambia County Fire Rescue and other public safety teams including Escambia County EMS worked in challenging conditions to mitigate this incident, executing highly technical extrication, rescue and transport of those involved. The scene was challenging due to many factors, including the fact that it took place in a rural setting with no medical facilities close by, much of the rescue took place in the dark, and access to the bus was limited since it was located approximately 75 feet below ground level of the interstate.

Escambia County committed 13 physical resources, command presence, specialized equipment and well-trained professionals to the incident, working with Alabama officials to rescue the 44 people on the bus and mitigate the incident as efficiently as possible.

Mission Statement

Escambia County Fire Rescue proudly operates as a combination fire department, utilizing the talents and diversities of volunteer and career firefighting personnel. Volunteer firefighters operate out of 11 districts throughout Escambia County, while career firefighters operate out of 13 districts throughout Escambia County. Twelve of the career companies are staffed 24 hours a day. One of the career companies operate Monday through Friday between the hours of 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. with volunteer companies providing firefighting and other emergency services the rest of the time. Escambia County Fire Rescue also offers other emergency services such as hazardous materials response, special operations, water rescue and ALS non-transport.

FY 2017-2018 Accomplishments

  • Escambia County Fire Rescue hired a new Fire Chief in May 2018, Rusty Nail who retired from the Orlando Fire Department as a Deputy Chief and also served at the Fire Chief in Palm Bay before being hired by Escambia County. Nail continues to work hard on enhancing ECFR’s capabilities and service to the citizens of Escambia County.
  • Escambia County Fire Rescue closed the Paradise Beach station located at 1425 Bauer Road this year and is actively looking at alternative sites to build a new station to serve the citizens of Paradise Beach.

Fire Rescue Crew Responses

  • Responded to a total of 16,722 incidents, including:
    • Fires: 973
    • Overpressure rupture/explosion: 20
    • EMS calls/motor vehicle accidents: 8,025
    • Service calls: 2,788
    • Good intent calls: 2,178
    • False alarms: 1,922
    • Severe weather/natural disasters: 15
    • Specialized incidents: 6
    • Hazardous conditions: 795
  • Completed 317 public relations events, making contact with 17,764 adults and 18,344 children.
  • Installed 466 smoke detectors and replaced 41 batteries at no cost to residents. 
  • Conducted 14 fire extinguisher classes, with 184 attendees.
  • Conducted 19 fire station tours, with 92 adults and 296 children attending.

Fire Marshal Office

  • Building Plans Reviewed - 321
  • Development Review Committee Plans Reviewed - 509
  • Fire System Permits Issued - 424
  • Fire Safety Inspections/Permits - 752
  • Annual Fire Safety Inspections - 1,057

Firefighters conduct ladder training on Pensacola Beach


Calls responded to


People reached through public relations events 


Smoke detectors installed in homes by firefighters at no charge