Items collected during one of Escambia County's neighborhood cleanup events

Mural of a hand holding a torch

Mission Statement

The Community Redevelopment Agency seeks to revitalize and enhance the quality of life within the CRA areas by encouraging private sector reinvestment, promoting economic development, and providing public sector enhancements. This includes initiatives that promote revitalization for the residential, commercial, and industrial zones within the designated CRA areas.

FY 2017-2018 Accomplishments

  • Awarded 56 grants, expending $207,797 toward Residential Rehab, Commercial Façade and Sign, Residential Tree Trimming & Painting Programs in the following areas: Barrancas, Cantonment, Brownsville, Englewood, Ensley, Palafox and Warrington.
  • Eight capital improvement projects were completed and/or are in progress using CRA Tax Increment Finance, Local Option Sales Tax III funds, with a total of $1.74 million expended. Projects include:
    • Various sidewalk projects design: $34,000
    • Navy Boulevard Access Management & Beautification PD&E Study Design - $1.65 million
    • Various neighborhood park improvements: $57,000
  • Spent over $62,137 for repair and maintenance within existing CRAs (Barrancas, Brownsville, Englewood, and Warrington), including landscapes, mowing and other projects.
  • Provided 25 demolitions and lot abatement projects to clean up blighted lots using CRA, TIF and Safe Neighborhood Program funds, expending over $44,390.
  • Provided 10 Neighborhood Cleanups within the CRA and Safe Neighborhood areas, removing 215 tons of bulk and yard waste and 17 tons of tires, which totals 473,520 pounds. Total expended was $15,575 using TIF and Safe Neighborhood funds.
  • CRA currently fund 5,497 roadway streetlights throughout eight CRAs (Atwood, Barrancas, Brownsville, Cantonment, Englewood, Ensley, Palafox, and Warrington) to provide lighting for communities to decrease crime and increase driver and pedestrian safety. Total annual cost to brighten the streets was $699,307 using funds from various TIFs and the Safe Neighborhood Program.
  • CRA completed an additional 517 streetlights totaling $468,666 through the Safe Neighborhood Program.
    • CRA Cantonment Phase 2: 164 LED streetlights - $98,063
    • Carriage Hills/Creekside Oaks Safe Neighborhood: 34 LED streetlights - $41,784
    • Avondale Safe Neighborhood: 18 LED streetlights - $13,212
    • Wedgewood/Rolling Hills Safe Neighborhood: 268 LED streetlights - $175,764
    • Lincoln Park Safe Neighborhood: 33 LED streetlights - $19,843
    • Old Gulf Beach Highway: 21 LED streetlights - $18,994.40
  • Hosted the 2017 Holiday Youth Extravaganza at the Brownsville Community Center, a free community event featuring local youth talent and more. This event attracted over 500 attendees from the Brownsville and greater Pensacola areas. 
Youth performers on stage at the 2017 Holiday Youth Extravaganza


Amount spent on repair and maintenance within Community Redevelopment Areas


Demolitions and lot abatement projects completed to clean up blighted lots


Street lights funded by CRA and Safe Neighborhoods