Reef Deployment

Mission Statement

The Marine Resources Division’s mission statement is to provide access to safe, healthy and productive waterways. Our management strategy is to balance resource use with resource sustainability. Marine Resources Division provides public access to marine and aquatic resources to provide the public opportunities for sustainable use. An additional non-regulatory tool utilized to implement the strategy is through outreach and education. Division programs include artificial reefs, waterways access, waterways management and special projects.

FY 2017-2018 Accomplishments

  • Managed 11 permitted artificial reef sites, including the newly-permitted Casino Beach Snorkeling Reef site. Fifty-six new artificial reefs were deployed in FY 2017-18.
  • Worked with the Engineering Division to complete the design and submit permit applications for a new public boat ramp on Perdido Bay. Worked with the Parks and Recreation Department to manage six public boat ramps, 11 paddle-craft launch sites, and the Pensacola Bay Fishing Bridge.
  • Completed numerous waterways management projects, including lionfish management, marine debris removal and prevention, water monitoring for Red Tide and micro-plastics, Navy Point Living Shoreline, and derelict vessel removal/disposal. Also served as a representative on the U.S. Coast Guard’s Area Committee to maintain the Area Contingency Plan for oil spills.
  • Managed 12 Vessel Safety/Restriction Zones and navigation channels.
  • Completed numerous special projects, including serving as weigh-master for seven local fishing rodeos and participating in fishing and outdoor recreation events for youth, military and under-served segments of the community. 
  • Worked with Santa Rosa County to revise and update the "Boating and Angling Guide to Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties."
  • Managed the volunteer and intern program, providing experience in marine resources management to local college and university students and graduates. Provided staff support for the Escambia County Marine Advisory Committee.
NAS Southern Shore


Vessel Safety/Restriction Zones managed


New artificial reefs deployed via public donations and grants


Times division served as weigh-master for local fishing rodeos