Human Resources staff working

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Human Resources staff working

Mission Statement

To deliver integrated human resource services, allowing the BCC to effectively achieve its stated goals and objectives. Through career development, employee benefits, talent acquisition, employee relations and compensation, employees and managers have resources available at their fingertips to positively contribute to the organization. The Human Resources Department also ensures BCC compliance with all applicable employment-related local, state and federal laws and regulations. Additionally, Human Resources administers the group medical, dental, life, retirement, deferred compensation and cafeteria plan benefits to all county employees serviced by the BCC HR staff.

FY 2017-2018 Accomplishments

  • Reflecting Escambia County’s commitment to professionalism in the workplace, the county amended its Unlawful Harassment Policy and provided training on the discrimination and harassment prevention to the entire management team. Ethics training was delivered by a representative of the Florida Commission on Ethics.
  • Continued to monitor the performance of the county health insurance program, which has been paramount for HR.
  • County health insurance rates did not increase for 2 of our 3 health plans for 2019, while the general trend across the country has been toward increased costs. Cost savings were realized in renegotiated contracts for dental, health stop-loss, life, and vision insurances. Staff continues to seek ways to keep costs down while maintaining the same level of benefits.
  • Partnered with the Florida Blue Center to educate employees on diabetes, prediabetes and obesity.  The Diabetes Prevention Program is a CDC evidence-based lifestyle change program delivered over a year for people at risk for diabetes. Trained lifestyle coaches assisted employees in reaching their goal of losing 5 to 7 percent of their weight and reducing their risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  • Human Resources has increased its applicant pool by diversifying job postings to various job boards.
  • Updated the employment application portal, and our analysis found the new portal to be 100 percent ADA compliant.
  • Participated in multiple career fairs in Pensacola recruiting qualified candidates while continuing to build partnerships and promote employment opportunities with Escambia County.
  • HR staff processed more than 6,777 applications through Oct. 31, 2018, of which 270 were new hires and 38 were employee promotions.
  • High-profile vacancies filled in 2018 included the Director of Corrections, Director of Public Works, Fire Chief, Health Services Administrator, and Medical Services Director.

 Human Resources Stats

  • Number of HR staff per 100 employees: .72
  • Number of HR benefits staff per 100 employees: .22
  • Number of HR benefits staff per 100 employees/retirees: .21
  • Employer/Employee health insurance contribution: 84 percent/16 percent
  • Number of vacancies: 357
  • Average turnover rate: 20.11 percent
  • Number of FMLA leaves: 274
  • Number of employee training sessions: 47
  • Personnel actions processed: 1,422
  • Medical utilization (premium vs. claims): 93 percent
  • Medical claims: $17,228,708
  • Dental claims: $871,395


Dollar amount of medical claims processed through county insurance


Number of employee training sessions held


+ Employees are provided all HR services by 15 department members